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A proactive modern operator, CTT — Correios de Portugal, the Portuguese postal service.

Doing everything we can to meet the needs of both the corporate world and the general public, we are focused on providing complete and integrated communication solutions of quality, not only efficiently and competitively, but profitably too, in handling the delivery of messages, goods and services.

CTT operates three major Service Networks:

  • A universal network for forwarding and delivering mail generally
  • A logistics and distribution network
  • A retail and services distribution network (main and branch, post offices)

We are already well positioned and established on the following Markets:

  • Messaging (communications, information and advertising), through a series of services catering for business correspondence and new ones in the field of Hybrid and Electronic mail;
  • Distribution & Logistics, encompassing our current Parcel, EMS and Postexpresso services, also supporting initiatives in the development of E-Commerce;
  • Financial Services, employing our current Postal Financial Services.
  • Convenience & Multi-service Services, through our Post Office Network which provides services to other Postal Business Units (including in particular SFP). This helps increase the present level of diversification of new third party products and services. That’s especially true of an integrated network of services serving the public in general, which we are gradually putting in place.
CTTProducts & Services
  • Ordinary & Priority Mail
    Services available for sending letters (up to 2kg) anywhere in the world.
  • Registered Mail (Track & Trace)
    Secure Mail Services with additional control.
  • Convenience Services & Products
    Practical solutions for the fast dispatch of mail.
Pre-franked services
Padded and plastic security envelopes
Mail forwarding
PO boxes
Advertising Mail
post contactoGroup subsidiary for the distribution of Unaddressed Advertising Mail)
  • Unaddressed Services

    • Contact Mail - for advertising or selling products/services through the direct distribution of unaddressed samples or leaflets to letterboxes.
• Sampling Direct — for sending messages or advertising samples via the CTT Counter Network.
  • Addressed Services

    • Direct Mail
    - for personalized and highly effective company advertising, promotion and sale of goods.
  • Hybrid postal / electronic mail

    The hybrid postal / electronic mail company

    TelePost’s core mission is to offer Hybrid Mail for bulk mailing, including finishing services, plus others for the integration and development of information systems complementing the preparation of mail for dispatch.
  • Mail finishing

    This company operates in the finishing sector, providing a totally outsourced service for the direct-marketing sector.


  • Parcels
    Universal service for products and other specific parcel products.

    Ordinary Parcel (National service)
    Priority Parcel (International service)
    Economy Parcel (International Service)
    "Lista" Parcel (National service)
  • ctt expressoExpress Mail Service (cttexpresso)
    Express mail courier service and logistics

  • Express Mail Service (cttexpresso)
    International services

    • EMS International
    - Swift and secure service for the shipment of documents and goods through a network of 119 countries worldwide. Personalized and guaranteed collection and delivery.
    Quick - International service for the consignment of goods. Ideal for companies working with different European countries. An economic solution for a fast export service.
    • cttexpresso / TNT — Xpress
    — cttexpresso and TNT have come together to offer a new range of international express services.




  • Stamps
    The Postage Stamp is an attractive means of spreading ideas, making personalities that are part of Portuguese History known more generally, and promoting our national heritage. A special way to give an insight into our culture.
  • Postmarks
    Important events are also marked by Commemorative postmarks.
  • Books
    Here’s something unique for you to collect, offer or maybe just buy as an investment. These books are richly illustrated and include a set of beautiful stamps echoing the theme of each book.

Sector Mail Services / Financial Services
Services to Enterprises / Transport & Distribution
Firm CTT - Correios de Portugal, SA
Location Lisbon
Address Rua S. José, 20
Postal Code 1166-001 Lisboa
Contact Contact Center
Web site www.ctt.pt
E-mail informacao@ctt.pt
Phone +351.21. 3185803
Fax +351.21. 3229937

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