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A Brief Background
Banco Comercial Português (BCP), set up in June 1985, was the first private commercial bank to be incorporated in the wake of the Portuguese financial system being liberalized.
It outshone its main competitors because it provided personalized services and its products were innovative and competitive. 

Main Office
Rua Augusta


Various key factors enabled BCP to make its indelible mark on the Portuguese banking market. At the forefront stood its stability and the independence of its professional management. In addition to that, and allied to quick decision-making, it had the capacity to access capital markets to increase own funds, and to offer quality in its response to customers. 
In order to attain the critical dimension considered necessary, and to face challenges arising out of the concentration of the financial sector, in March 1995 BCP acquired control of Banco Português do Atlântico, and later, in 2000, Banco Mello, Companhia de Seguros Império and Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor.
Capitalizing on its experience of growth as an organization on the domestic market, Millennium bcp is also engaged in globalizing operations by approaching new markets exhibiting high growth potential, whose respective financial systems are undergoing modernization.
The introduction of the new Millennium bcp brand symbolizes a project “re-founding” the Bank. Its new name expresses a fresh challenge - that of creating a thousand reasons why it deserves to retain its customers’ loyalty. 
Deploying the energy of every one of its employees and refocusing its corporate approach to service and the sharing of benefits with the customer, Millennium bcp will continue to offer the best financial products on the market, underpinned by the soundness and efficiency of the largest Portuguese private financial group.



Some facts
Largest Portuguese private financial group;
Represented on the European, American, Asian and African continents, either as the Millennium bcp brand or as distinct brands created to operate on different markets;
Largest banking network in Portugal, with some 1,000 branches, serving more than 3.5 million Customers, representing a market share of some 25%;
Overall offer of products and services adequately tailored to the profile of each customer, based on a market-segmentation strategy.

Sector Banking
Firm Banco Comercial Português, SA
Location Lisbon
Address Rua Augusta, 62
Postal Code 1149-023 Lisboa
Web site www.millenniumbcp.pt
E-mail comunicar@millenniumbcp.pt
Phone +351.21. 11 318 02

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