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PLIMAT, although actually incorporated in 1978, only started operations in 1980 - some 3 years having first been spent on preparatory work.

PLIMAT’s core shareholders also have a major stake in another company called MOLDE MATOS, a highly-specialized one producing molds for plastics, which provides PLIMAT with its a mold technology.

PLIMAT, expert in producing accessories for piping purposes, focuses on making really first-class quality goods. All conforming to existing industry standards, our products are carefully studied and designed. Subsequently, they are tested and controlled in our laboratory.


Given their resistance to chemical and mechanical wear and tear, the accessories we make to carry drinking water and other fluids resolve many problems both simply and economically, when employed at temperatures and pressures as recommended by PLIMAT. They are also nontoxic.

Throughout its long existence, our company’s development has been characterized by a constant and balanced growth in various key indicators and figures. That is the outcome of a corporate policy and strategy centered on R&D and quality. An approach that has enabled us to achieve a top position in the Portuguese market. Currently, we are the largest and most important Portuguese company manufacturing piping accessories. What's more, when it comes to quality, we are among the best worldwide.

Be it manufacturing, quality assurance, or design, we apply cutting-edge technology to every area of our business.

As a symbol of our success, in 1998 PLIMAT obtained ISO9002 certification for its quality system.

Constantly seeking to respond effectively to market demands, we have recently kicked off a project that will enable us to start up a new manufacturing plant during 2000. Only manufacturing top-quality valves, it’s called PLIMEX.




Piping accessories made by PLIMAT go to different markets worldwide. They can be used for various purposes, such as civil construction, public works, pools, industry, farming, etc.


PLIMAT produces items to cover the following range:

  • Tapped Fittings in PVC
  • Cement Jointing Fittings in PVC
  • Transition Fittings in PVC
  • Ball Valves in PVC
  • Ruber Ring Pressure Fittings in PVC
  • Sewer Fittings in PVC
  • Fittings in PP
  • Clamp Saddles in PP
  • Pipe Clips and Pipe Brackets
  • Wall Plugs
  • Irrigation Fittings
  • Quick Coupling Fittings

Sector Plastics & Packaging
Firm Plimat - Plásticos Industriais Matos, SA
Location Marinha Grande
Address Rua da Alemanha, Lote 35 Zona Industrial
Postal Code 2431-959 Plimat
Contact Mr. Eduardo Franco
Web site www.plimat.pt
E-mail plimat.sa@mail.telepac.pt
Phone +351.244. 572323
Fax +351.244. 572320

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