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ADP - Adubos de Portugal is a company with its sights set on the 21st century.Established in 1997, through the merger of Portugal’s two major fertilizer companies belonging to the Quimigal and Sapec Groups, it already occupies a leading position in the production and marketing of fertilizers in Europe, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, with a national market share of some 75%.



ADP - Adubos de Portugal, a company boasting know-how and experience that goes back more than a hundred years:

  • 1898 Founding of Companhia União Fabril (CUF), which started producing fertilizers and chemical products for agricultural purposes;
  • 1926 Sapec starts operating the pyrite mines and producing sulphuric acid-based fertilizers;
  • 1941 Setting up of Amoníaco Português, with start of production of synthetic ammonia, sulphuric acid, ammonium sulphate and compound fertilizers;
  • 1957 Setting up of Nitratos de Portugal, essentially producing nitrogenous fertilizers;
  • 1977 Nationalization of CUF, Amoníaco Português and Nitratos de Portugal gives birth to Quimigal.
  • 1989 Setting up of Sapec Agro, S.A., encompassing all of the Sapec Group’s agriculture-related business;
  • 1991 Incorporation of Quimigal Adubos as a spin-off of the Quimigal Group’s Fertilizer Division;
  • 1997 Setting up of ADP - Adubos de Portugal, S.A., as an outcome of the privatization of Quimigal Adubos with the integration of Sapec Agro’s Fertilizer and Seed business.
  • 1999 The José de Mello Group, up until then holding a 50% stake in ADP - Adubos de Portugal, bought the remaining 50% from the Sapec Group, making it the company's sole shareholder.


Through its Agronomic Development Department, ADP - Adubos de Portugal tries to respond to the appearance of new crops and to enhance existing output capacities. It does that not only through ongoing research into crop fertilization but also by looking out for new products best suited to each crop and region, as well as searching for new raw materials and in so doing testing the efficiency and safety of its products.


Constantly concerned with supplying the market, ADP - Adubos de Portugal has developed a set of logistical supports and a structured network of depots with railroad access. These ensure an extremely flexible ability to respond to different needs, guaranteeing a maximum degree of customer satisfaction.



With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, ADP - Adubos de Portugal is the only integrated producer of fertilizers in Portugal.

Its output capacity runs to more than a million tonnes/year. Aside from fertilizers, some of the raw materials used in their manufacture are also produced.

These are marketed in Portugal and Spain for other industries. ADP - Adubos de Portugal produces the following lines of products:

  • Nitrogenous fertilizers;
  • Phosphated fertilizers;
  • Binary and ternary compound fertilizers;
  • Anhydrous ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate solution, ammonia, industrial gases and urea;
The ADP - Adubos de Portugal plants are located in Alverca, Lavradio and Setúbal.


ADP - Adubos de Portugal sells the best-known brands of fertilizers in Portugal, producing most of them itself. The ADP - Adubos de Portugal range of products is made up of:


  • Nitrolusal (CAN)
  • Nitromagnésio (CAN)
  • Nitrogal (Technical and Agricultural Calcium Nitrate)
  • Solução 32N (UAN)
  • Sulfonitrato (Ammonical nitrogen with sulphur)
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • Urea
Phosphated Fertilizer
  • Simple Superphosfate
Potassium Fertilizers
  • Potassium Chloride
Compound Fertilizers
  • Fosfonitro (various NPs)
  • Foskapa (various PKs)
  • Foskamónio (various NPKs)
  • Ampor (NPK)
Soil conditioners
  • Fertical (Liming material)
  • Guano Sansão (Organic conditioner)
Soil conditioners
  • Corgran (Liming material)
  • Tergran (Organic conditioner)


  • Sulfazoto (Urea- ammonium sulphate)
Organomineral Fertilizers
  • Fertouro (various NPKs)
  • Fertimais (various NPKs)
Fertilizers with Gafsa Natural Phosphates
  • Fertigafsa (P, NP, PK & NPK)
  • Fertifos (NP, PK & NPK)
Fertilizers with Calcified Marine Algae
  • Biocoral (various NPKs)
Soluble Fertilizers
  • Rega-Ouro (N, NK, NPK & Mg)
Soil conditioners
  • Corgran (Liming material)
  • Tergran (Organic conditioner)
  • Profértil


  • Anhydrous ammonia
  • Nitric acid
  • Ammonium nitrate solution
  • Ammonia
  • Industrial gases
  • Urea

Sector Chemical Products
Firm ADP- Adubos de Portugal, SA
Location Lisbon
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Postal Code 2615-909 Alverca do Ribatejo
Contact Mr. António Santana Fernandes
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