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Rede Ferroviária Nacional - REFER, E.P., was incorporated in accordance with Decree-Law nº104/97 of April 29, 1997. It was set up mainly to manage Portugal's rail transportation network, while developing other closely related activities, in line with upgrade and efficiency concepts, so as to ensure a regular and continuous public service.

REFER, EP also:

Constructs, installs and renovates rail transportation infrastructures, including, in particular, their respective study, planning and development;

Commands and controls circulating trains;
Promotes, coordinates, develops and controls all rail transportation-related activities

REFER, EP, is the outcome of the adaptation of Portuguese railways to the demands of the Single Market, to ensure they increase their efficiency by means of:

  • independently managed rail transportation companies
  • separating rail transportation infrastructures from operating services
  • rebuilding the financial structure of rail transportation companies

Sector Management of Rail Transportation Infrastructures
Transport Equipment
Firm Rede Ferroviária Nacional, REFER, EP
Location Lisbon
Address Estação de Santa Apolónia
Postal Code 1100-105 Lisboa
Contact Communication Department
Web site www.refer.pt
E-mail ci@org.refer.pt
Phone +351.21. 1022000
Fax +351.21. 1022439

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